May 21, 2012

The Future of Train to Land Communication

The rolling stock has not been seen as one of the most dynamic and quick adopters of new technology. The security issues, the need for durability over long time periods and the lack of useful applications has limited the introduction of modern data communications. This has meant that usually for operational need the single GPRS modems have been a solution that’s good enough. Simultaneously the demands for customer WiFi and other infotainment have demanded more comprehensive and modern solutions that enable broadband. The customer WiFi solutions, however, often lack the security needed for operational safety.

Now there are available solutions that, either in separate or same system, can provide both secure broadband data for operational and service use as well as infotainment type customer solutions.

The cutting-edge mobile multi-channel routers provide a reliable and cost-efficient broadband connection for all rolling stock installations. This makes the vehicle operation a lot easier and safer. Furthermore, fast and reliable wireless connections enable passengers to use the Internet for work, studying or fun without any frustrating interruptions.

Goodmill w24e-R -router selects the best possible combination from existing networks and uses them reliably and efficiently. This router switches between networks seamlessly – guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity throughout the journey. This ensures reliable, secure, and cost-efficient locomotive maintenance systems, signaling, WiFi coverage for onboard wireless systems, broadband connectivity, and Internet.

The reliable broadband connectivity of Goodmill router makes vehicle operation a lot easier and safer. Fast and reliable wireless connections also enable passengers to use the internet for work, studying or fun without any frustrating interruptions. Goodmill w24e-R has numerous possible uses:
  • Keep passenger information up to date with Online Passenger Information Systems
  • Increase efficiency with Train Diagnostics and Locomotive Maintenance
  • Ensure better asset usage and lower costs with efficient fleet management
  • Increase customer satisfaction with online ticketing and payments
  • Enable passengers to use reliable internet for work, studying or fun
  • Promote your own services and special offers to passengers using an on-board Web portal.
  • And ultimately, ensure safer and more comfortable journey with Live-View Video Surveillance
Goodmill Systems Ltd. introduces this revolutionary router solution that enables outstanding broadband connectivity at an affordable price. The extensive technological experience together with thorough knowledge of rolling stock organizations’ needs has enabled us to create this ground-breaking technology that will revolutionize connection reliability.

Juhani Lehtonen