Mar 27, 2013

Future of Mobile Policing Technology Available Now

Designed to make the job of policing on the front-line an easier task, the police vehicle merges the latest technologies with traditionally essential equipment into a single vehicle. With multiple data and robust communications, the vehicle is able to support such solutions as GIS and mapping, police processes, ANPR, forensics, video streaming and capture, public involvement and facial recognition. The vehicle, as well as including automatic performance reporting and built in security measures, seamlessly brings together all of these technologies into one car.

Vehicle platform

The CAST car is based on the Vauxhall (Opel) Astra Sports Tourer. This is a car that is widely selected by British police forces for its economic running costs and general robustness. The car is fully equipped with features familiar to the police, including full blue light arrangement, sirens, and features like ‘run-lock’. An important feature is that this cas is SVA (Single Vehicle Architecture) compliant. The solutions are designed to work in and away from the vehicle, creating a true mobile workforce environment.

Hardware platform

Vauxhall has teamed with Goodmill Systems and TETRAtab to implement the robust telecommunication and computing platform within the vehicle. There are two principle computers within the car, both of which are provided by TETRAtab. The telecommunications solution is provided by Goodmill Systems and integrated in the left hand side of the boot space. This allows any of the devices in the car, and when permitted, devices from the general public, to communicate via multiple freely selected broadband networks in a resilient and secure way. A WiFi hotspot bubble is also created by the router around the vehicle and is also connected via Ethernet to the TETRAtab platform.

Additional applications

The vehicle includes video equipment that is provided by VideoLAttitude and allows video streaming from both inside and around the vehicle to any device in the world. The cameras are discreetly integrated so as not to attract attention, and are managed from two control boxes under the floor of the luggage compartment area. The car automatically reports vehicle faults abd druver performance via an Airmax system integrated into the car. This allows condition based maintenance of the vehicle and reduces the vehicle wear.

The winning solution

This set-up was the winning solution of the ACPO ITS Group competition to produce a police patrol vehicle able to support new and innovative ways of working for the police service. The judges were extremely impressed with the whole vehicle fit and the final quality of the integration of so many disparate systems. All systems worked seamlessly thanks to the high availability connectivity provided by Goodmill managed router system.

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